Elementary Harmony Camp and Arts Initiation

Our only Camp offered to elementary school students. A 1 week camp either in day camp or sleep away camp. The camp is offered to young people who have little or no experience on the instrument. The teachers will be able to give him the techniques as well as the basic theory to allow them to become familiar with their instruments. For the Arts Initiation camp,a 1-week camp is also offered to young people who do not want to play an instrument, but want to participate in an artistic summer camp. During their week, they will have a choice of three activities such as plastic art, dance, ecology, theater, singing and sports activities. Each year, a theme guides the learning and the works in order to produce a show at the end of the camp week. For more information 1-888-834-4342.

Day camp :
August 14th to August 19th 2022
(6 days including lunch and snacks)

Day camp plus :
August 14th to August 19th 2022
(6 days including lunch, snacks, suppers and evening activities)

Sleepover camp :
August 13th to August 19th 2022
(6 days and 5 nights including meals, snacks and evening activities)


Day camp : $320 taxes included (from 8:15 am to 5:00 pm)
Day camp Plus : $375 taxes included (from 8:15 am to 8:15 pm)
Seelp over camp : $550 taxes included

*The concert on the Friday night is mandatory for all participants.

Highly qualified teachers:

Musical director: Jessie Tarakdjian
Flute: Félicia Lévesque
Clarinet: name to come
Oboe: name to come
Bassoon: Karine Breton
Saxophone: Julie Bellavance
Trumpet: Marie-Pier Descôteaux
Trombone: Cindy Doucet Houle
Tuba: Cindy Doucet Houle
Euphonium: Cindy Doucet Houle
French horn: Gabriel Gauthier-Beaudoin
Bass, double bass: name to come
Percussions: Julie Béchard
Piano accompaniement: Gabrielle Gingras
Choir: Jean-Michel Lemire
Sports: Catherine Lauzon
Dance: Maryka Talbot
Theatre: Léanne Dunberry
Art: Christine Lebel
Ecology: Marie-Josée Roy
Helper: Alexandra Roy

Session directors : Maryse Côté and Catherine Huppé

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