Harmony Camp 1-2-3

2-week camp for high school secondary 1-2-3 students. A Camp focused on the development of your instrument with private lessons and a teacher specialized in the chosen instrument. During the 2 weeks, campers will do choir and ensemble practice. Throughout the stay, they can also enroll in optional activities such as the band workshop or the choir. A total of 6 hours of music per day is offered to young people, without the optional courses. Afterwards, we have sports activities in the afternoon and evening. Two busy weeks that will make them progress on their instruments while enjoying the summer and our outdoor base. At the end of the 2 weeks, a concert is offered to relatives and friends to see the result of their efforts. For more information 1-888-834-4342.

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Music program for High School musicians of Grades sec. 1-2- 3 with little or lots of experience
Dates: July 2nd through July 14th 2023

-Sec. 1-2-3 High School musicians
-Harmony level 2, 3 or 4
-Stage Band

Highly qualified teachers: Names to come

Musical director : 
Flute : 
Clarinet :
Oboe : 
Bassoon :
Saxophone : 
Trumpet : 
Trombone :
Tuba : 
French horn :
Bass, double bass:
Percussions : 
Piano accompaniment :
Choir :

Cost: $1280 taxes included
Director for the session : Maryse Côté and _________________
For information:
Registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first served, basis.
Teaching staff is subject to change without notice.

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