How many beds are in each room?

Descriptions and details are on our website. We have rooms with two queen beds and rooms with 1 double bed, 1 twin bed and a couch bed.

What is the cost of the rooms?

100$ per night
Different prices are available for long term and/or workers.

Fixed prices?

Yes, we have fixed prices, but many things can influence the price, it would be better to call.

Is the bedding included?

All our rooms have the bedding included. The only rooms without bedding are the residence rooms.

Is breakfast included?

No breakfast is included with a room rental

Restaurant nearby

Yes, we have restaurants nearby to eat to dine in or take out

Do we have access to the lake?

We have a boat ramp on the site, but it is in the Nicolet River which is the exit of the Three Lakes

Is the cafeteria always open?

No, the cafeteria is only open when we have group reservations on site

How many hotel rooms do you have?

30 hotel rooms

How many reception halls do you have?

5 halls ranging from 10 to 400 people